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About HK Mystery

A blog about mysteries. romance, and the supernatural…

Hello and welcome to HK Mystery, A blog about mystery, romance, and the supernatural

 I’m Robert Badal and you can get to know me on my website, and my author Facebook site, Robert Badal, author.  I love mysteries and have my own mystery novel coming out shortly, Shanghai Passion.

This blog is for those of us who love mysteries, especially those with a romantic, multi-cultural, or supernatural spin.  I live in Hong Kong and have a book club called the Hong Kong Mystery Book Club on Facebook.

I have lived in Asia since 2004 and have dug into Asian history and myths and stories.  I have Pinterest boards about Asian topics like food and World Heritage Sites and a blog with my wife called East West Dreams.

This blog is eclectic within the subject matter (I also like Chick Lit Mysteries a lot, haha) and will include some depth and history as well as book recommendations. So please enjoy!